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~Cerberus University~

....Crazy antics; 24/7~

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Welcome to Cerberus University, a place where all our favorite characters from Final Fantasy (and possibly other Square-Enix RPG's) get together to study, play, and make love - not war! The college-aged kids are attending a university set in the heart of France, surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful scenery. This university - Cerberus University - is where all these students shall be spending their time.

The roleplay is set in modern times. AU! No out-of-the-world weapons such as Shuyin planted ontop of vegnagun. Sure, there are guns and stuff, but nobody is getting killed in this Roleplay! The main focus is for the characters to attend classes, make friends, and unite with lovers. Lovers can be either male or female. Hetrosexual, homosexual, whatever! Everything goes here!

What will happen is up to you! Parties! Kids skipping classes! Sephiroth beating up all the freshmen? Hoards of spider monkeys invading the campus..? Nobody knows!
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ALL characters will be living on Campus. Pick a room number and class schedule for your characters! Their free time can be spend doing anything else they want. Hanging out with the other students they meet, going to parties, hanging around the basketball court, exploring town, or whatever else you come up with, the possibilities are endless!

All characters can have dorm partners. Make sure the other party accepts rooming up with your characters. Friends. Lovers. Or maybe friends and lovers. It's up to you, but only a max of four characters can be in each dorm!

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A list of taken characters are In this post. You may apply in This Post.

Remember, you can apply for even characters NOT on the list! You develop your character! All up to you!

Characters Taken!
Now Apply!
Ask Questions!
AIM Screen Names - Soon
Places around the School - Soon
Student's Classes and Room Numbers - Soon