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06 November 2005 @ 11:49 pm
Application Form  
Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in the community. In order for you to be accepted, you'll have to submit a small application. Don't worry if you are new to roleplay or anything as we will accept anyone who at least does decently in the writing fields! This roleplay is about fun not being elitests!

Please fill the following information out for your application. Some things on it, like the character description. (A small one, please!) will go on the character page. An example for this is:

Enjoys computers and engineering. Always at the top of the class. Likes to be the center of attention.

Get it? This is just to define some key information. Make sure these small descriptions are as in character as possible.

Here is the application:

AIM Screen Name:
Small Description:
Third Person Roleplay - The longer the better!:


Thank you! When you recieve a reply to your application, you will then need to create a character journal and send a request to join the community!